ICDB: Right to Play of Children

As the Convention of the Rights of the Child, UNICEF highlights the rights that all children deserve. The International Children’s Day of Broadcasting was created to give exposure to the issues of children’s right. Over the years, it also has become a day of celebrating young people in the media.



ICDB in Thailand will be celebrated on 25 April, 2010 with the topic of “Right to Play”. The objective of campaign is to increase the channel of medias for children. Besides the measure of raising the channel of creative media for children, playing is an important way to pull them out of bad media.


Many campaigns and activities to promote ICDB will be supported by Child Media Network. Thai TV. , National Broadcasting of Thailand, Thai Health Foundation and Childmedia organisation will produce that issue in “Bang Fan Pun Rak” program and also live on air through AM.819 MHz, FM.105 MHz. and FM.92.0 MHz. Furthermore, Channel 7 will create the spot of “Right to play” and distribute on all of children programs which broadcasting during prime-time including interview clip of children actor/actress. Besides that on that day, all of “Right to Play” radio spot and jingle will be presented by Thai Radio for Children and Family, FM 105 MHz, every hour. Moreover, there are approximately 50 documentaries series on air through Radio Network which is linked the radio signal with FM.105 MHz. emphasize the benefit from kids playing.


Finally, Thai Heath Foundation will launch new brand guarantee “Hua Krati” to show over the media programs passing the excellent standard for child media on cartoons, television programs, books, radio and others as a created media for children.