Child Media Project

ince 2006, The Foundation for Child Development has collaborated with Thai Health Foundation in developing The Child Media Project to educate Media Literacy in Thailand. We grant to media network that have been working with this issues for a long time. Extending to coordinate with private, business and government sectors as a network to motivate this issue together is the key success for this project.

2. Provide the procedure of children participating to learn about media literacy, inoculate and adapt media to empower themselves, family and societies.

3. Support the developing of system of protecting children from bad media and motivate creative media through all targets

2. Innovate new channels for broadcasting children programs to kids and family

3. Encourage children and family learning about media literacy proceeding and develop the skill of media using to protect inadequate media use for them

4. Encourage the media network to produce excellent media and get rid of dangerous media for children and family

5. Advocate media policies for public, media standard and the process of knowledge management creating the quality of media for child and family

The Achievements of Child Media Project

Books for Children network succeed in
- Pushing forward the reading culture for health planning
- Beginning Book Start Project
- Pushing forward to the government to declare the reading issue as a National Policy and campaign “city of reading” supporting by the national committee

Radio for Children and Family Network succeed in
- Establish kids’ radio club
- Set up the first radio station for children and family in Thailand on air through FM.105 MHz
- Encourage public to increase the proportion of the radio for child development

Media Consumer Network succeeded in
- Campaign ‘Turn off TV to Turn on Your Life”
- Institute media monitor network
- Create the Media Literacy curriculum for education system

Media for Youth Network succeed in
- Motivate the media rating for children
- Pushing forward the foundation for creative media
- Pushing forward to found Thailand Commutation Consumers Protection organization